Cristina De Marchi - Dressage Instructor and Director of the Horse Riding Centre

Horse Riding

horse riding in italy

With more than 25 years of history our horse riding centre in Tuscany has at disposal more than  30 well trained horses (Lusitanos, Anglo-arabs, Berber, Arabs, English Thoroughbred, Dutch and Italian sport horses) . They will be assigned according to the skills and wishes of the riders.
The lessons are divided into three groups and can be taught in fluent English and French. Lessons are often individual or shared between 2 riders (max 3) in order to give the maximum attention to the pupils.
Beginners can learn riding from the very first steps with very gentle horses.
Post-beginners can extend their knowledge and skill or partake in the beautiful riding out.
Experienced riders can take dressage lessons or combine this with riding out. The dressage lessons follow the principles of the Classical Riding giving lots of importance to balance, elasticity and lightness.
We have all-inclusive offers with halfboard and 2 riding hours per day. If you prefer you can reserve just accomodation and see here how much riding you would like to do.
Beginners do not have to bring full riding equipment - we can provide chaps, whips and riding hats.

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horse riding in italy

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