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Tteam stages

During the year  we try to organise, aswell as horseriding holidays, various equestrian stages. On the 10th March 2012 we have planned a 2 day stage on the Tellington TTouch with Debora Sims. (On the following pages you will find the programme for this stage.)

What is Tellington TTouch?
Tellington TTouch is a method sucessfully practised for more than 30 years by the Canadian Linda Tellington Jones to improve the health, behaviour, physical and mental well being of the horse. This method, also very useful to improve the relationship with your horse, is taught in over 27 countries in the world, with 16 books translated in 12 languages. The method is used at all levels (from the amateur to the olympic level professional) and can be adapted to any equestrian discipline.
For further information take a look at the official website:

What do the practical ttouches and ground work consist of?
- Ttouches - Through specific touches, applied with circular movements, it is possible to remove deep mental imprintings, traumas, pain and physical difficulties.
The ttouches can appear to be a sort of massage, however with these touches the nervous system also becomes activated.
- The groundwork consists of the use of various obstacles and a wide range of methods of conduct. With the groundwork excersises, the horses are guided in various positions between the obstacles, increasing their capacity to learn as well as helping to show them self-control, concentration, trust, obedience, balance and co-ordination.    

Tteam stages

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