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Tellington TTouch course - 1

Open to riders of all levels, beginners to advanced, this is the first of 3 stages to take place this year. There is the possibility to participate with your own horse or without and/or as a spectator. For those not from the area we can provide full board, with arrival friday evening or saturday morning finishing sunday evening. Maximum number of participants - 6, with an attendance certifcate at the end of the course.
Course content: Listen to your horse with your hands and eyes
2 day course, suitable for those who have already participated in previous courses as well as those who approach this method for the first time.
To improve our capacity of observation, therefore our capacity to understand our horse. Many work with their horse with respect, trying to make them understand our comands with logic and praise, but not always reaching the goals they would like. Maybe the horses resists, or collaborates while remaing nervous or doesn't use his body well. Through attentive observation we can find not only ways to resolve the problems, but also ways to improve the collaboration between horse and human.
You will learn the principles of the method and how to apply them in your work with your horse, in this course you will start work on their body and on groundwork excersises. The work on their body starts with the famous ttouches; using these and observing reactions you will learn how to listen with your hands. With the excersises from the ground you will guide the horses through a series of obstacles with a leadrope. With a close eye on your horses behaviour, his co-ordination etc, you will learn how to listen with your eyes.
Through observation we can listen to our horses and try to become "listeners" NOT "whisperers".

Tteam stages

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