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Centered Riding

Centered Riding in tuscany

Originally developed by Sally Swift in the U.S.A, Centered Riding® is used by horse riders from every level, age group and interest; from beginners to Instructors, even olimpic level champions. Centered Riding is a method that helps you to understand how to achieve an improved mental and physical harmony when riding, whichever discipline you follow.

Centered Riding uses techniques from other areas such as The Alexander Technique, Thai Chi and sports psychology. Through Centered Riding you work on different ways of learning which are not nescesserily the same for all, using exercises on the ground and on horseback. Our courses are held by Hilary Bradford and assisted by Cristina Libardi who recently participated in a Feldenkrais seminar to enrich her knowledge of posture and body awareness. The next stage will take place in march and will be a first level course (A): During the year we will also propose a level B stage.

Photos of the course, the stages programme and further information on Centered Riding are on the foloowing pages.

The next stage of Centered Riding will be held on 16th and 17th of November, 2013.

Centered Riding in tuscany

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