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Classical Dressage

dressage italy

Our training method is based on suppling and loosening up the horse to achieve elasticity and lightness in the use of the aids. We follow the very traditional principles of classical riding but which are also practised by riders competing in modern dressage. When we teach we feel we are physically and emotionally riding with the pupil.
Our professional foundation is based on the academic style and our professional qualification is derived from the benefit of several years of training with Portuguese master Pedro Batista De Almeida, a pupil of the great Nuno Olivera. Mr. De Almeida spent his career as the technical director responsible for the Portuguese National Stud where we had the chance to work with more than 100 stallions .In the last 10 years we have been participating in clinics with international trainers and we got particularly inspired by Charles de Kunnfy, dressage judge and author of many books on the principles and methods of the Classical Riding.
At Il Paretaio we organise courses both for riders just starting out in dressage as well as for experienced dressage enthusiasts. Our weekly courses are run throughout the year and it is possible to partake with or without your own horse. With the emphasis on correct basic schoolwork, riders are also encouraged to work on exercises in the lateral movements, transistions, canter and counter-canter as well as work from the ground.

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dressage italy

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