Pietro & Distratto delle Semetracce in competition

Competitions results

Classical Dressage in tuscany

Dressage for jumping and jumping for dressage

An intensive year training our son Pietro for Showjumping and Dressage. And... very proud of the results: a great confirmation that a good classical training is useful for jumping!
Silver medal at the Italian Show jumping Championship - juniors
Silver medal at the Tuscan Jumping Championship
Gold Medal at the Spring Showjumping Trophy
Gold medal at the Regional Dressage Championship!
We are very happy to see the results of a training where the principles of the classical riding, lightness, balance, comprehension have been the main goal!

We will be always very grateful to Susanna Violanti and Riccardo Bordoni for training so well Pietro for show jumping and giving him the fantastic opportunities to learn on their personal horses.
Thanks also to Miriam Ketel and Angela Frati for supporting Pietro in his first competitions.

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Classical Dressage in tuscany

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