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equine photography

The joy of photography combined with the passion for horses!
In 2010 we organised a stage with Christiane Slawik and her years of worldwide experience in equine-photography have produced the following results: take a look at the next pages, you'll see horses with different eyes!
Christiane explained the digital camera-technique in a very clear and easy way. You will understand ISO, AV, TV, aperture, shutter speed and manual exposures. She helped the participants (some were not at all experts) to understand their equipment and to make the best out of it.

Christiane Slawik, award-winning equine photographer, combines the joy of photography and artistic inspiration with her passion for horses. Her dynamic, emotional photographs have that distinctive trait and are exhibited on more than 100 title pages and in more than 20 calendars all around the world every year. In 2008, her latest book 'Horse: A Portrait' received the Benjamin Franklin Award for the 'best animal book' in the US.

Date of 2011 photo workshop:  May 

To see some of Christiane Slawik pictures click here.

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equine photography

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