Centered Riding Workshop


Centered Riding Workshop "Your Horse your Mirror"  at Il Paretaio on 16/18 March 2012  is held by Hilary Bradford, Centered Riding® Instructor and Franklin Method® Educator.   The course will help you to understand how your posture and your state of mind effect you and your horse’s health and performance and learn ways to enhance the harmony between you and your horse with a more efficient seat.   Hilary’s lessons allow the participants to develop an awareness both on the ground and on horseback which increase the rider’s ability to communicate more precisely with clear intent, a receptive body and independent aids through a series of Sally Swift’s proven Centered Riding® exercises and imagery together with cutting edge mind-body experiential anatomy and imagery from Eric Franklin (for more info regarding the Franklin Method
The price for the stage is € 370 per person including 2 days full board + workshop.
Arriving on Saturday morning the price will be € 320. Special rates for longer breaks and non riders.
Consider us available for any further information you may need.

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