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"Since 1999 I visited this place once or twice a year. It's the combination of family atmosphere, sensitive horses, very experienced trainers, delicious cuisine and perfect location that make this place so wonderful. I enjoy the attention you get during your lesson (only 2-3 people at the same time) and the classical dressage way of teaching.
Whether you are traveling on your own, with your partner or with your family, you sure will have a great time. My husband knows how much this place means to me, because he asked me there... to marry him!" Ariaen de Jong, 7/10/2012

"Good food and wine, good riding if you want to think and understand the lightness in aids, good people. My favourite of the riding centres I've visited!..." Hanna, 17/11/2012

"... thank you for a wonderful week at il Paretaio. I love this familiar place. I returned back to Sweden safely on schedule. Yesterday I continued my riding and try to remember and pratice what I learned from your excellent teaching..." Gustav

"From the first contact with the Di Marchi family, life in Italy became an absolute pleasure. The whole experience at Il Paretaio was positive and uplifting. As an Equestrian centre it is world renowned. We were two non horse riding visitors and were shown such a warm welcome by the Owners and all the staff. The dining experience was a memory in itself as we sat outside overlooking the hills of Tuscany and shared many stories with the guests. Do not hesitate to visit Il Paretaio for the true meaning of peace and tranquility. It was hard to leave. Thank you Gianni and Cristina." Victoria, 11/10/2012

"For everyone the right horse, from a 3 year old beginner to a passionate Dressage rider who loves the lightness of the classical dressage education. Combined with the great view of the tuscany and the tasty food we are enjoying our stay everytime" 10/09/2012

"...Thinking about our holidays at Il Paretaio, we made a list of our favourite experiences there – here it is:
First : a riding lesson with siberiak, enjoying his medium trot and a successful counter-canter.
Second : sitting outside in the evening with a bottle of tuscan wine and having lots of fun with Bob, Linda, Walton, Lois, “John Wayne”, Ronald, Barbara and all the other guests.
Third : sitting outside in the evening, being very hungry and waiting for the bell, which calls to dinner.
Fourth : enjoying a delicious tuscan dinner every evening.
Fifth : enjoying the sunny weather and the landscape and going for little walks.
Sixth : visit Firenze – it`s great.
Seventh : visit Siena – it`s also very beautiful.
Eighth : visit San Gimignano – it`s a nice trip in the afternoon and you have a wonderful view from above.
Ninth : being back, watching the riding lessons of the other guests.
Tenth : practising a horse-performance with Jenny – it was a lot of fun!...." Lisa and Georg

"...I think Il Paretaio is a truly wonderful place. The countryside is beautiful, the horses are lovely and sensitive (as are the trainers), the food is delicious and it is so nice to meet people from all around the world with a passion for riding. When I wake up in the morning look out of the window at the gorgeous views and I know that I have a day of riding ahead of me, it makes me feel so lucky and happy. I always feel really peaceful and relaxed at Il Paretaio and I do not like it when it is time to go home! Congratulations on your 20 years in business, I hope there will be many more to come."
Hannah Crease, Berkshire, UK

"we wish to express our thanks for a lovely break at your picturesque "Paretaio". We truly had a lovely time and Kim has really enjoyed every minute of her horse riding experience. She couldn't have asked for a better training, a truly big thankyou to all..." Kim, John, Mariella

"...I spent a summer weel at Il Paretaio and the stay was therapy for me in recovering from a most difficult time in my life. I was introduced to Notte who, I was told, had been very unhappy in her work for a while. Most other riders were assigned to a variety of horses but not me. When I asked, I was told that Notte's behaviour had changed for the better since she met me. I truly feel we established a special, emotional bond in that week and I never rode another horse there. It was a truly exceptional experience for me and I give Notte credit for helping me greatly in my emotional recovery during that period." Nancy

"...Wonderful to hear from you. Congratulations on Pietro's wonderful achievement. I realise that this takes lots of hard work. It will be wonderful to see him representing his country one da. We will be thrilled and honoured to host you out here. Sylvia says you have spoilt her for life with the quality of your teaching...." Barry

"I am jus writing to say thank you again so very much for the best holiday I ever had! I could not have wished for anything more. I will definitley come back...I am already missing everything about Il Paretaio; the hospitality, the surroundings and - most of all - the lovely people and horses (not forgetting the dogs!). With regards to riding, this was the most enlightening and inspiring time ever." Johanna. K

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